Unofficial Race Rules – Official rules to be finalized prior to race and will be posted at that time.

The below listed rules will govern the 2021 AirVenture Cup and are subject to change at anytime. Any changes to these rules will be made and all racers will be notified prior to the race in Wausau, WI. If you have any questions, please use the Contact form on this site to send your inquiry.

Failure to comply with the following rules may lead to AirVenture Cup disqualification, FAA investigation in event of an FAR violation, or time penalties assessed.

1. All FARs will be followed, as published or as issued in AVC Waiver.

2. No temporary fuel tanks in passenger compartment will be allowed. Fuel requirements will be VFR or IFR minimums.

3. All pilots must show credentials upon check-in at our Host FBO, at the Wausau, WI airport. Prior to being allowed to fly. Those credentials required of all pilots are:

a) Pilot Certificate (Sport Pilot or higher) with appropriate ratings and endorsements for the aircraft flown.

b) Current Medical Certificate Appropriate for Pilot Certificate used

c) Current flight review

4. In addition to pilot credentials, participants will be required to show the following documents for their aircraft. The documents required are:

a) Airworthiness Certificate

b) Registration if not flown by the owner, written permission from the owner is also required.

c) Current annual/condition inspection sign-off (photocopy is ok)

d) Other inspections required by FARs must be complied with. Race officials at the check-in will verify these documents the day before the race.

5. The pilot must be a current EAA Member

6. Insurance Requirements: All participants must provide us with an insurance company issued Certificate of Insurance evidencing aircraft liability insurance, in the amount of no less than $1,000,000. This coverage must include air racing, waiver of subrogation, 30-day notice of cancellation, and additional insured status as follows:

Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc., EAA Aviation Foundation, Inc., their affiliates, and the respective directors, officers, employees, members, contractors, and volunteers of each of those entities.

7. All race crews must attend both pre-race briefings. The Main Pre-Race Briefing will be held on Saturday Evening at the Starting line. An updated weather briefing will be held prior to departure on Sunday Morning.

8. The AirVenture Cup will be limited to a crew of two, a pilot and co-pilot. Pilots do have the option of flying solo at their discretion.

9. If a Racer drops out for any reason, relay the message on Race Frequency to the chase planes if time permits. After landing and securing the aircraft, contact Ken Whyte at Race Control (715) 891-3912. Give him your name, race number, location and contact number to reach you.

10. All aircraft participating in the AirVenture Cup Race will be required to display race numbers in a color that contrasts the aircraft’s paint. Race numbers will be displayed on both sides of the fuselage and under the left wing. Race numbers will be no smaller than 18 inches and must be visible to the race officials on the ground. Race numbers must be applied to the aircraft no later than 8:30 a.m. (CST), the day of the race.

Aircraft that are too small to display 18 inch numbers on the fuselage need to contact the contest chairman at least two weeks prior to the race to make other arrangements.

11. For the duration of the Race, participating aircraft should make all radio calls using the call “RACE” and their assigned Race number.

12. Weather at the starting line must meet at least VFR minimums and a minimum visibility of 3SM. Weather related decisions in regards to the start of the race will be at the discretion of the contest committee. In the event of poor weather the race will be delayed.

13. The weather must meet VFR minimums from Wausau, WI (AUW), along the race course, and back to Wausau, WI (AUW). If conditions become IFR after leaving Wausau, WI, the racers should land as soon as practical, at the nearest safe airport. Where the race will be held until conditions improve.

14. In the event of a racer returning to Wausau after the start of the Race but without completing the course, the racer will have until 12:00 p.m. (CST) to restart the race. The starting line will be closed at 12:00 p.m. (CST).

15. Racers must cross the mandatory check points along the race course.

16. Minimum enroute altitude with the exception of within 5 nm of the mandatory checkpoints is 1000′ AGL

17. Racers shall report 10 nm out and 5 nm out from Each Check point on the appropriate CTAF.

18. Altitude crossing the checkpoints is at Racer discretion. Minimum altitude is 500′ AGL maximum altitude is racers discretion. If above 1,500 feet the use of a data logger is approved to record crossing. Non-participating aircraft in the pattern at the checkpoints have the right of way. If in doubt overfly the checkpoints at 1,500′ AGL.

19. Check points can be used for no penalty pit stops. Aircraft using the pit stops should report on CTAF 5nm from the airport “XXX Traffic, Race XX 5 out, Pit Stop”

Over fly the airport on course for a time hack. After the time hack, slow down and enter the pattern. Take as much time as required. When ready for restart, depart, climb to pattern altitude, overfly on course for a time hack. The elapsed time between time hacks will be subtracted from the race elapsed time.

20. Racers should monitor Race Common frequency during enroute portions of the race and relay messages to race staff as required.

21. Radio Contact shall be established with the following air traffic control facilities prior to flight, over, through or near the ATC facilities.

22. In the event of passing on the race course, the aircraft overtaking should report on race common frequency, they are passing, color and type aircraft. Report the overtaking aircraft position. Example “White Glasair, Race 22 Pietenpol is passing low and to your left”

23. The race will be suspended for any reason that is in the interest of safety.

24. Indicated airspeeds of more than 250 knots below 10,000′ MSL are authorized ONLY during descent as defined in the waiver.

25. All waiver provisions cease for aircraft after they pass the finish line.

26. The finish line is located at the Merrill Airport located in Merrill, WI (KRRL). After crossing the finish line race aircraft should land in Wausau (KAUW) and refuel if needed before continuing on to Oshkosh using the Fisk Arrival Procedure.