Race 91

Aircraft Data

Pilot Bio


  • Aircraft

    Glasair 1TD

  • Registration


  • Top Speed

    268 MPH

  • Range

    1,800 SM

  • Engine


  • Horsepower

    180 HP

This Glasair was built by Bruce over a period of 3,000 hours and 3 years. He has made many modifications to it over the years including rebuilding the panel twice, making it IFR capable, lengthening the engine mount by 4 inches, modifying the cowling with round inlets and adding a sloped windshield for drag reduction.

In March 2006, Bruce set a new transcontinental world speed record in the C-1.b class by flying cross country from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL in 8 hours, 5min ,5min, 21 sec, averaging 258.27 MPH!

Bruce is a helicopter pilot by occupation for the oil industry servicing off-shore oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico; currently he is flying an S-76.  This is his 16th appearance in the AirVenture Cup and he has also participated previously in the Sun 100 and Sport Air Racing League races.  Bruce spent the 2011-2012 winter off season completely rebuilding the #91 Glasair. Additionally for this year he has reduced the cooling air inlet by 25%, the outlet by 15% without a change in cooling, speed increase is classified. He is also racing behind Craig Catto’s newest prop technology driving increases in speed and efficiency.

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