AVC Racers, Volunteers, and Fans,

I wanted to let all of you know, we discovered several errors in the 2015 AVC Race Results. Yes I agree, this is totally unacceptable. We as a race staff have set up a committee and are doing a complete audit of the results, including reviewing the photo/video shot at the finish line.

We have spent the last week plus carefully reviewing all the data. After a very careful review by multiple people, we think we have found all the errors. Attached is the corrected 2015 results.

The results of the audit so far have shown that we got the finish order correct but mistakes were made in calculating the speeds.

We are also working very hard at identifying how this issue occurred and take steps to prevent it from happening again. Next year we will be making a number of changes.

I have to thank our volunteers at the finish line who have been extremely dedicated to the event and have been extremely helpful at resolving this issue.

As the Chairman of the AVC, I can assure you that we take the accuracy of the race results very seriously, and this issue is extremely embarrassing and totally unacceptable to all of us on the AVC Staff. I thank all of the 2015 Racers for their patience while we sorted this out.

We will issue the correct speeds and results to SARL for sanctioning for their records and points standing now that we have completed our audit.

Thanks for a safe and successful 2015 Race,

Eric Whyte
Chairman, 2015 EAA AirVenture Cup Race