Welcome the AirVenture Cup race! We think you will enjoy the experience and the comradery of other pilots and their friends and family. This is the 24th year of the race. This packet and the corresponding FAQ document should answer most of your questions. But if after reading them you still have an unanswered question, please stop by the registration area and a race volunteer will be happy to address it.


June 1, 2022            Application Due
June 1, 2022           Signed Waiver Due
June 15, 2022         Bio and Photo Due

Do Now

  • Waiver must be ink signed and the original mailed to EAA.
  • Certificate of Insurance must be requested and submitted to EAA (electronic ok).
  • Review the information under the 2022 Race tab on our web site. (https://www.airventurecuprace.com)
  • Follow us on Facebook (@airventurecup) for updates.

2 months prior to the race

  • Order your race numbers for the plane (see FAQ for specs and vendors).
  • Make your hotel reservations: Hotel to be determined. Check back soon.

1 month prior to the race

  • Locate your tie downs.
  • Apply the numbers to the fuselage or tail and the underside of the left wing. Don’t forget to clean the area that you will apply the numbers to first!

1 week prior to the race

  • Be sure you have tie downs packed. Parking at the starting point is usually on pavement however if you plan to continue on to Oshkosh you will need tie downs or else you will need to purchase them when you register at Wittman Regional Airport (OSH).
  • Download, print, and study the AirVenture Arrival NOTAM. You are required to have reviewed this and have the NOTAM onboard for arrival into Oshkosh. Due to our large numbers we do not have copies of this for everyone. Please print or download as appropriate so you have a copy onboard. Most of our racers, and all of our volunteers, have flown into Oshkosh. By having it ahead of time, someone will be able to answer any questions you may have.



Joseph Coraggio
Vice-Chairman, AirVenture Cup
414-841-7354 Cell

Race Arrival

  • Weather permitting plan to arrive at Wausau Downtown Airport (KAUW) on Friday. July 24, 2022. If that is not possible for any reason a Saturday arrival is okay.
  • After landing you will be marshalled into a parking spot by an Air Venture Cup volunteer or local FBO staff.
  • Be sure that you cancel your flight plan before you do anything else!

Once you have parked your plane and shut down

  • Cancel your flight plan!
  • Gather together your Airworthiness Certificate, pilot certificate, and medical, and bring them with you to registration.
  • Register – follow the signs to registration – there you will be given an AirVenture Cup shirt, your Oshkosh wrist band, the final AirVenture Cup race rules, and the schedule for Friday, Saturday and race day on Sunday.


Friday, July 22, 2022

  • There will be an informal “Meet and Greet” in the evening.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

  • This a free day for you and many pilots/participants elect to spend the day at the airport.
  • Sign sponsor frames.
  • Gas up and pay fuel bill. This is MANDATORY as there is not time to fuel in the morning prior to race launch.
  • Dinner followed by a MANDATORY briefing will be at the hotel.

Sunday, July 24, 2022is race day!

  • Pilot Briefing (MANDATORY) is typically at 8:00 am, but can change.
  • Currently, the set race time is 9:00 am.

End of Race

  • Once you have overflown the finish line, reposition to the final destination, Wausau Downtown Airport, Wausau, WI (KAUW).
  • Get in line for fuel if you need it.
  • Lunch is provided by the local EAA chapter. Donations are welcomed!
  • The race has ended. You need to notify Eric Whyte if you are NOT continuing to Oshkosh.
  • If you are going to Oshkosh, make sure you have printed and reviewed the AirVenture NOTAM. Make sure you have, and display, the appropriate parking signs. Special parking is provided for race participants (front and center). However, camping is not allowed at the area set aside for AirVenture Cup participants to park. If you wish to camp, place the camping sign in your window after you land.

Where can I get race numbers for my plane? What are the spec requirements?

Numbers can be made at your local sign shop. Otherwise, companies such as AeroGraphics may be a good resource. Specs and rules on where to place the numbers on your plane can be found in the rules. They should be 18” high in a high contrast color and placed under the left wing (top of the numbers forward) and on each side of the fuselage or tail (your choice) where they can be clearly read from the ground. If your airplane is too small for 18” numbers propose the size that will work to the race coordinator for approval.

What do I need to do to get ready for the race?

In addition to what you would ordinarily do for any cross-country trip, you should also consider:

  • Washing and cleaning your airplane. Not only will it be on display during airport day on Saturday, a clean airplane is a faster airplane.
  • Determine what power settings you will fly at for optimum speed, efficiency and safety. This usually requires some test flights at your home base. You don’t want to be experimenting during the race. During the race you will want to keep your head outside navigating and watching for traffic, not inside.
  • Pay special attention to flight planning as your airplane will likely be consuming more fuel during the race that it usually does on a normal cross country. This is because you will likely be flying at higher, perhaps much higher, power settings. You must land with legal VFR fuel on board.

What will I learn in the pilot briefing the morning of the race?

You will learn about:

  • Final race route
  • Reported and forecast weather for the route at race time
  • TFR’s
  • Special instructions

What altitude do I fly the race at?

Altitude is at the discretion of the PIC. Some people fly it like a regular cross country at whatever altitude they fly their cross countries at. Others look at the winds at various altitudes and choose an altitude based on that. Others fly as low as possible. Stay legal! Stay safe!

What route do I fly the race?

You can fly any route you want, however generally speaking the closest distance between two points is a straight line

What if I bring someone and want to get them separate transportation to the end-point on race day?

You are responsible for finding transportation for anyone who travels with you. Do not ask race officials or volunteer staff if they can transport your relatives or friends to the end point or Oshkosh. AirVenture race volunteer staff will not be able to assist you as they will be busy with race tasks.

What if I don’t plan on using the wristband for Oshkosh that is included in the entry fee?

The wristband is part of the registration. If you are not planning to use it, check with other pilots as some may want to purchase your wristband.

What if the weather is not VFR the morning of the race?

The race has never been canceled. However, it has been delayed to later in the day, and on rare occasion has been delayed until the next day. This is a VFR event. The weather must be legal VFR for the entire route for the expected duration of the race. If you are uncomfortable with the weather you can withdraw and receive a full refund. Do not fly if you are uncomfortable with the weather or any other aspect of the race. SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

What is the dress code for the Friday and Saturday dinners?

Dress is casual. Many pilots choose to wear their race t-shirts. Others dress in clothing representing their aircraft.

What is the dress code for the awards ceremony?

It’s Oshkosh! Wear weather appropriate casual attire.

On Saturday, the local EAA chapter may be providing Young Eagle flights. Can I participate?

Racers meeting the EAA requirements can contact Steph Schulko, AVC volunteer at mzstef615@wi.rr.com or 414-732-6782.